A Call To Arms

No literally, I'm calling my arms

*Ring, Ring, Ring*
Arms: Hello!
Dre: OH, hey upper arms. This is Dre can I talk to you about something?"
Arms: Yes, you may but make it snappy I have lots of jiggling about to catch up on...
Dre: Yeah, about that we need to end our relationship. I cannot take your jiggling and movement much longer, the sight of you makes me sad and I wish to have nicely shaped maybe a little flying squirrel-ish arms rather than your flab. I do hope you understand.
Arms: But with all the things we've been through!?!? All the sleeved shirts on hot summer days! All the t-shirts over bathing suits! Picking up that lazy beagle! And you're leaving me!?!?!
Dre: Yes arms, I'm sorry but you have to go... -hangs up-

And there you have it, let the fight against flab commence.


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