Five At Five: Day One

And so it is a new year.. May everyone have a safe happy and healthy one!

It is also the first day of a challenge that Mister Seth set forth for us. The Five at Five where one gets up, gets out and works on gettin' healthy! While I didn't make my goal of waking up at 7AM because I was up late making some Vasilopita for my grandpa, I did walk the 5K that is comprised of going around three blocks by my house 3 times. (MapMyRun is going to be my new friend) I haven't really even said anything about myself... here goes I'm fat, like really fat. That's something I used to not be able to admit easily so don't take it wrong, I like that I can say it now.

But even though I'm pretty hefty, I can move. I've known people my weight who have problems getting up and bending down and tying their shoes. So I'm Grateful for my relatively good range of motion. I'm a fit fatty! I just want to be ... fitter. A LOT fitter. My goals are lofty and I like it that way.

I want to have to reach and keep reaching I want to have to be on my tippy toes with my fingers outstretched and still not really be able to touch it.

Anywho! Day one of the challenge wasn't too bad! I worked up a good sweat in the cold and plodded my way to my proverbial finish line with a smile, My iPod is missing though... this needs to be remedied I love me some music while I'm moving. I'm that nutjob on the elliptical who's kicking along to the beat(even when that beat is WAY TOO Fast for the fatty)


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