A Tithe to my Thighs.

Dear Thighs,

Dre here, and I have a proposition for you. See I've got these boots and I've heard they're made for walkin'. SO that's just what I'll do. Kidding! I'll walk all over WITH you and in a years time lets hope you've paid your tithe(and maybe more so). Because if not there will be penalties.

You see thighs, you and my calves and ankles make up a major piece of my 5 foot 9 or so stature, and while my calves are getting the hint and seem to be shaping up and firming, you are looking as weary as ever.

I know! I know, change is hard. But right now change is good. Change is what we need, and so I vow to change and you should change with me.

-The person you support.

-calls out into the open- Is anyone out there? ((Echo))


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