On Completing the Five @ Five and Starting the Double Crunch

Today was the last day of Seth's Five @ Five challenge, and I feel accomplished. I only had one day where I really just didn't make the cut.

I also had an awesome on-plan day today and chocked up a decent amount of activity points.

My Wii Fit informed me this morning that I dropped 3 pounds this week, I'm not counting this as a "weigh-in" because those are reserved for Saturday morning meetings and I don't want to get all excited just to be let-down later on in the week. However, for now I'm applauding my successes and believe that now is MY time to change and nothing will get in my way.

Tomorrow begins the double crunch challenge and I will be doing 100 crunches per day and trying one new green fruit or veggie for the next seven days. I already chose my vegetables and will walk to the market to get them tomorrow they are as follows,
1. Mustard Greens
2. Chicory
3. Kale
4. Bok Choy
5. Kohlrabi
6. Avocado
7. Fennel

These are all greens that I have never tried before and I'm excited to maybe add more colour to my food choices.


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