Failing to Keep It Together

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? That's basically how I've been feeling lately but today I'm going to start blogging regularly again. This whole venting space helps me keep my head on straight.

I'm at the highest weight I've ever been in my life and I feel pretty miserable about it but I'm committed to keeping healthy in these difficult times where my mom's job is in question and my job is about to go cuckoo crazy for the holidays. Getting to the gym has been tough for me but I'm telling you guys this so I feel accountable about it and actually get my butt up and go.

I just realized I said I feel miserable ABOUT it up there and I realize that's not true. I feel miserable because of it, which is absolutely true. My body is not happy with me and I hate that I was lying to myself for a little while about how I was doing on my journey and now I'm ready to be honest. I am not healthy right now, I need to change and I will. I'm strong-willed and I CAN DO THIS.


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