All I See For Me Is Better Days

Today was awesome. I went to my WW meeting(an expected gain but I'm back and moving forward), I tracked all day, I spent time with my family, and watched (500) Days of Summer. It was definitely a well-deserved relaxing Saturday and I'm glad I just happened to get the three-day weekend off from work without requesting it(even though two of my bosses tried to get me to work today and tomorrow, sorry guys I already had plans)

Also because I felt great today I walked into my room and went "ohmigahhhdd, it looks like WWIII went down all up in hurr." So I decided it was time to throw out old papers I had lying around and clean my desk which looked a lot like a hoarder had decided to put all of their stuff on it... Soooo not me. I was feeling crappy because of my recent gains and so instead of trying to keep something balanced in my life I started to look like crap and dress like crap and apparently let my bedroom turn to crap. Sometimes all you need to do to get back on the right road is make small changes and be able to control SOMETHING when it feels like everything is getting away from you.

And I'm beginning to realize that while this journey is difficult, and will always be difficult, the way you look at things and your attitude going into certain situations affects the outcome. If you're positive, honest, and believe in yourself anything is possible. I know sometimes it's so much easier to look at the negatives in everything but find one sliver of goodness and grasp onto it with all your might because it's gonna be a bumpy ride.


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