Crawl Inside My Head With Me

Come on, I know it's crowded up in my dome but get in here for a minute....

Ok everyone comfortable? Have a seat... Thank you all for coming I'm Andreana all my friends call me Dre and today I am admitting that I eat emotionally.

I know shocker, right??

I'm pretty sure that everyone, well almost everyone, as at least once ate something because they didn't feel good or they felt they deserved it. Then there's some people (I'm raising my hand over here) who go a little overboard when they're overwhelmed or scared of change or are getting picked on.

I have eaten emotionally because of all of these things. Definitely not talking about having an ice cream sandwich and feeling guilty about it here. More like eating suddenly the whole box is gone, my tummy is hurting, and someone's yelling that all their good humor is missing. What causes people to do this? I know that things are called "Comfort" foods and obviously there's a larger meaning behind that word than warm soup that heats your insides on cold days.

My solution? Finding another outlet... What outlet you might ask? I'm thinking intense cardio on the arc trainer will be my new form of venting, that machine makes you sort of feel like you're flying I just need some good tunes and to make sure I'm eating because I'm hungry. Not because I'm upset or bored or I want to or I think I need it because someone pissed me off today. Food is fuel not comfort, comfort comes from love and support and friendships...

What outlet will you choose?


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