Staring Down the Barrel of a .45

There's a theme to my post titles, anyone catch on?

Not that anyone reads this lol

So when you're 5'8 and 350 pounds you're basically plugging your way to an early grave.
Most people I know don't want to die, but apparently somewhere I do or I am blind to the fact that I'm this heavy.

Doubtful, I promise you I do look in the mirror and I do see two chins staring back and me and my arms, oi vey my arms... lol

I'm learning to love me which I think is important in this journey, if I don't love myself and in turn my family and friends why would I want to take care of myself? What would the point be?

For me the thing to live for is not only me but my best friend, we've been through hell and back with her battle with Ovarian Cancer at age 30 and she's in remission now so that's awesome. But how can I tell her to be healthy and eat healthy and exercise when I can't follow my own example, and she's half of me! I love her like a sister more than anyone I know but I guess I was being selfish and destroying my body which also hurts her.

I want to lead and set an example for all the loved ones in my life and my future family.

Do you?


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