Just Keep Chasing Pavement.

In a very slow manner mind you, but I'm walking fast as my legs will carry me.

Took Snoopy to the dog park today and he LOVED it. Which is good because his big booty needs some exercise too. My beagle is the biggest beagle you will ever meet and he is purebred... and he's not actually obese! According to the vet anyway. They say he's different his head is huge and his paws are huge so he can only stand to lose 15-20 pounds... My beagle is 65 lbs... beagles are supposed to weigh 30 lbs.... So my question today is, do you believe in the term "big boned". According to the vets my dog is just a little overweight, according to random people on the street "that's the fattest beagle I've ever seen!!!"

I do believe that weight in relation to size is important, however people who are usually described as "big boned" are usually just.... not (if ya know what I'm saying). Call yourself fluffy, you don't have to be FAT! be fluffy, or plump, or I dunno.... Pillowy if you will. If you trick yourself into thinking your big boned and it's all genetics and oh predetermined destiny fate blahblahblah crap you're fooling only yourself. Trust me, I know.

You're not going to be happy when you're staring around the corner at 60 and still "fluffy" you'll be much better off and not blame all the people that said "ohhh you're just big boned" cuz they want to save your feelings. Tell them you're fat, be like "Nope, I'm just fat and I'm dealing with it and I'm fixing it and and and and you can't tell me how to be so there damnit."

How's that? lol


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