Weight Update: I've lost 2 pounds this week for a total of 7 pounds in about 3 weeks just by slightly modifying what I'm eating and taking short walks with the dogs twice a day. Trying to steer more towards whole foods and making sure I actually squeeze my fruits and veggies in there. Honestly, I really want to take better care of myself. I've neglected my needs for too long. I've been feeling better since I started taking multi-vitamins daily and I have to get back to Weight Watchers meetings. The camaraderie really pushes me. I have had a slight setback though I know I'll work through it.

I was pushing my mom around the mall in her wheelchair and she backed up and ran my foot over last week. I thought I was totally fine but then yesterday my foot looked seriously swollen and bruised. After a quick trip to the Urgent Care today I thankfully have no broken bones or fractures but I did definitely strain a muscle in the bottom of my foot. I walked out with a fracture boot anyway to keep me from bending it when I walk pain medication and orders to keep off it for a week or two.

This sucks for several reasons. I was just getting back into my workout groove so I'll have to be extra mindful of what I eat for the next two weeks. I need to track more consistently and make sure I actually stay off of my foot so it heals quickly and I can get back to the gym.

I can do this.

I know how.

I just need to get my mind right and my body will follow suit.


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