Not Gonna Get Me

I'm not going to get hung up on the fact that I can't work out because I can't use my foot.

Therefore I'm not going to look at the scale until my foot feels better.
I'm challenging myself to focus on how I feel and not the numbers for right now. So I'm going to set some mini-goals for the week and check in here as I go along.

  • make sure to track everything that goes into my mouth good or bad
  • avoid the scale because the numbers might be discouraging
  • use my free weights at least three times this week while stuck on the couch
Once my foot is feeling better though I'm going to be switching gyms to one that's closer to my house. I think being able to walk to the gym around the corner will encourage me to go more. Since the gym I was at in NY was around the corner from my house and here in FL it's about a 20 minute drive.

Sorry if I'm not very coherent I'm on pain medication for my foot. Back to sounding like an intelligent human being soon enough.


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